If you or someone you know is in crisis please call 1-844-493-TALK (8255)


DASPA has many resources for your benefit. Please be sure to check with us regularly for them.



Check out our training calendar or join us the first Wednesday of every month to enhance your suicide prevention skills and sensitivities.

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Training opportunities with DASPA happen with regularly scheduled programs.

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The Douglas Arapahoe Suicide Prevention Alliance is a coalition of organizations representing mental health providers, law enforcement agencies, coroner offices, school districts, fire rescue departments, hospitals, private citizens and faith communities. DASPA’s mission is to implement comprehensive, community wide initiatives for preventing suicide in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties, Colorado. “Aiming for Zero” is our commitment to eliminating suicides in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties. It reflects our understanding that regardless of the resources available, some people will choose death over life. We are none-the-less aiming for zero suicides each and every day.

Suicide Is Preventable

Every year more and more people in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties find themselves in need of support as they care for themselves or loved ones who have attempted suicide or lost a love one to suicide. DASPA is here to help raise awareness and educate our communities. "AIMING FOR ZERO" is our commitment to eliminating suicides in Douglas & Arapahoe counties. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING A CRISIS, PLEASE CONTACT 1-844-493-TALK (8255) IMMEDIATELY. WE WANT YOU SAFE!